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Mon to Fri : 9:00am to 6:00pm
Rruga Irfan Tomini , Tirana, Albania


The Car Rental Agency name “Fast Rent” is a company located in Tirana Albania. Headquarter in the city and the main HUB in the airport of Tirana TIA.

The kind of services covered for the target market as 3 main classes

  1. Economy Class,
  2. Standard class
  3. Luxury class.

The funders created a car rental agency on April 2017, it all began by loaning each of both 9000 EUR of them. So, the initial capital was 18000 USD and each of the investors bought two used cars so it all began with 4 cars.

Today we have in our fleet 50 cars which all are less than 5 years old

Very hard and strong efforts to our customers who are more than an average of 6000 loyal customers in 6 years.

The aim of the Rental Agency’s mission is to be among the 5 leaders in its targeted market including here even international brands for renting affordable vehicles for customers on a daily basis.

Management Team

The founder’s ME Manager of the Procurement Area in the other industries. Through his expertise, bringing the operations and purchasing of the business to profitability

And BE (director of Leasing sales in one of the biggest leasing companies in Albania, experienced enough for the management team to undertake adequate actions in raising and developing a car rental agency in the target market.